Friday, October 9, 2009

What is Truth? Since we are all without lies.

" Truth is God and God is Truth," said Mahatma Gandhi.
" Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Truth," said John Keats.
We all have our own perspective of Truth, since it is abstract and the concept varies from person to person; with time and place and the circumstances in which one is placed at that point of time.
For me Truth is eternal and permanent.
Hence, I raise it to my perception of God and His attributes.

What are you passionate about?

My passion is "Love".
"I have no friend except my Beloved I have no work except His love"
‘With every breath I must bow to my friend For I owe my life to His Grace."

“Love is the name for a continuous restlessness of the heat,
This endless yearning is the symbol of my life."

I have heard you are the Messiah of the Messiahas,
yet it is strange that you do not heal those suffering from love."

(These are just a few Couplets of the Great Paramsant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj, written by him in Urdu and translated into English by his son, the Living Master, Paramsant Rajinder Singh ji Maharaj--- Extracts taken from the Book: ‘Love At Every Step.’)

I am passionate about Divine Love. With love for all.

Can I have your Good Wishes and Blessings?

You have my Good Wishes and Blessings.
I have something more for you.
Read carefully:

"YOU DID! There have been situations in your life that you thought you would never get through. And yet, you did.
There have been challenges you faced that you thought you would never overcome. And yet, you did.
There have been losses you've suffered that you thought you would never be able to get beyond. And yet, you did.

For you are here today, stronger, wiser, more experienced and more knowledgeable as a result of it all. Though the road has had its rough spots, you've successfully made your way along it. There will certainly be more rough spots ahead, and there may even be some particularly difficult ones right now.
So it pays, every now and then, to look back and remember that even though you thought you wouldn't get through, you did.
And perhaps, if you think about it, you'll see that there's really never any reason to doubt yourself. For when life challenged you to make your way through, You did.

And now, even more importantly, YOU WILL. So Cheer Up. You will do it this time also.”

Whether you fool death or death fools you?

Interesting question!
Are you ready for a metaphysical point of view?
“Death” is seen and regarded generally as the end of Life, but in fact it is the beginning of a New Life.
There is life beyond Death. This has been proved beyond doubt by thousands of cases of 'Death like Experiences.'

Death is ' The soul leaving the physical body to don another.
‘Death is going back to God.'
Death is ' a stage in the fulfilment of one's Karma.'

How do I fight it? Are you joking?
'Cowards die many times before their Death, the Brave die only once.'

Robert Browning in his poem: "Precipice" writes:
“I have ever been a fighter,
One fight more, the last and the best."

That is what is true of me. I shall live Life to the last.
I want to burn out rather than fade away.
Death can not be defeated. But at least, it will remember me for the fight that I hope to give it.

Death of a loved one is a great loss, but only in the physical plane. Death does not erase the memories and love of a dear one. In fact, death adds sacredness to our love and sanctifies the beloved.
Death is a symbol of rebirth and life beyond. It is union with God, the Divine.

I see it that way. I have dedicated my life to service of my fellow beings and of everything that the Creator brought into existence and I am fortunate if I am able to continue doing so till the very end. If that happened, I will have achieved the purpose of living my life.

I live, serve, love and do not think of Death. When the hour comes, I will be ready to render my account.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why do people need you right now?

I have been a Teacher, a Teacher Educator and a Mentor.
I have influenced the lives of many of my students and teachers.
There is a lot that needs to be done still.

We are passing through times where we find a crisis of character and conscience. We all need a friend, a guide, a mentor and a confidant.

Education is at crossroads. Values are getting eroded. Quality is being compromised with. We teach children to pass Exams and not to lead a better life.

Teachers are losing interest in their profession. Many of them are pure mercenaries.

Hence my need in these crucial times. This is my testing time. I have to put in an effort to make a difference in the lives of a few, if not many.
I have to be a Role-model, one who inspires, a motivator, a facilitator and yet compassionate and keep on learning to find new ways and means to affect lives.

Thank God, I am alive and in fine health to continue this noble work.

I would love to know the two things you most like about yourself.

My being "ME' Unique and Different.
My ability to Empathise and help others.

• If Tomorrow is Today....Today is Yesterday......What is Yesterday ?

Yesterday is the ROOTS of Today and Tomorrow.
Yesterday is the DAY GONE.
Yesterday is HISTORY.
Yesterday is MEMORIES. Yesterday! WHO CARES?...........

"Think not of the future however pleasant,
Let the Dead past bury its dead, Act,
Act in the Living Present,
Heart within, God overhead."